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Initial Phase

The Beginning

After ending an unhealthy relationship in March 2019, and being dedicated to her own self-healing journey; our Founder, Randi Karpenko, had a vision in January of 2020 to bring together all of the amazing leaders who helped her achieve her own inner peace. Through meditation, Tai Chi, educational classes, self-connection exercises, practicing vulnerability and surrounding herself with like-minded people, she was able to overcome struggles she had dealt with her entire adult life including:  codependency, shame, low self-worth, perfectionism and resentment. Healing herself has allowed her to step into her own realized passion for helping others in their emotional healing journey. 

Randi has had to research to find these communities and resources, the SA Centre is meant to bring them all together under one roof, making inner peace and internal growth easily accessible and affordable to all.

Phase 2

Building the Team

The connections made between like-minded individuals over the past couple years has made this phase fall into place seamlessly. Our Founder, Board Members and Consultants/Teachers are all equally passionate about the success of this project.

Phase 3

Set up the Corporation

Thanks to the help and support of the people around us who are advocates of this Centre, we are officially registered as a Saskatchewan Nonprofit Organization and are ready to move on to the next phase!

Phase 4

(Currently On)

Virtual Classes

Connecting with People. The team has been working on classes and workshop to offer to individuals and organizations  to educate in the areas of Vulnerability, Growth & Change,  Self Connection, Taking Responsibility and Nutrition. Please see our class schedule for a list of classes currently available.

Our objective is to normalize mental health. We are driven to help people get comfortable with the idea that working on ourselves internally is just as important as physically.


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Phase 5

Classes & Physical Location

"Invest in Yourself, It Pays the Best Interest"