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September 12 2021

Modern Woman Event at Prairieland Park, Saskatoon

Summer 2021

The Self-Alignment Centre at Street Stall Saturday's July 10 &24, August 7 & 21

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October 23, 2021

Virtual Mental Health & Welness Retreat

What is The Self-Alignment Centre

A Centre for internal growth - we are located in Saskatoon, SK and are Saskatchewan's first and only organization providing a proactive approach towards normalizing mental health.

How do we plan to Normalize Mental Health?

We have a Team of Experts who offer classes that are designed to work on one of our five foundations:




What is vulnerability? A willingness to be raw, in order to establish true, meaningful connections with others.

Growth & Change

Put yourself in the driver seat of your own life. 

Self Connection

Feel the liberation that comes with connecting to your inner self.

Taking Responsibility

Responsibility: Your ability to respond. Empower yourself by taking responsibility for your own life.


A forward and proactive way to understand your body and the nourishment it needs. Healthy body; healthy mind.

"Our Intention Creates Our Reality"

Our Mission

To educate individuals on the tools available within themselves, and to support them on their journey to realizing their full potential. 

Our Vision

Creating a world where evolving oneself mentally is viewed of equal importance as training the body physically. 

"Invest in Yourself, It Pays the Best Interest"

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will fund initial presentations and workshops.

We’ve been receiving an abundant amount of help, and appreciate all forms of support towards our mission & vision. Thank you.

Customer Review

Virtual Retreat May 2021:

“After my class I felt intrigued and motivated to be healthier and try new things in my diet. I honestly didnt know places like the SA Centre were out there but now that I do I want to learn more from them! I came out of the retreat refreshed and calm. My mind and my body felt in sync and good.

I would definitely recommend the retreat to my girl friends and fellow mothers to give them some extra support and knowledge to get them through this stressful time!

Thank you for this great learning opportunity!” – Aimee J.

Holistic Sexuality:

“I left feeling informed, equipped, and with a greater understanding of myself. Highly recommended!” - Isabel B.

Rise with Purpose:

“Courtney gave good clarity and structure, and makes it do-able to incorporate such a routine into my life. She presents as authentic & makes herself available to help and support. Kudos to you all.” - Isabelle M.

Meditation 101:

“We thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it to be very helpful and we will definitely book another class of some sort. We are total novices to meditation and appreciated having Miguel walk us through.” - Bob & Shelley H.

Building your Meditation Toolkit:

“I have been interested in beginning meditation but felt I had no idea where to start. This is a great place with so many options to hel you become the best version of yourself.” - Kayla

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